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Marketing And Advertisment :Online advertising :

MIC helps you manage your online advertising campaigns and achieve your business objectives. We provide marketing opportunities for corporates, professional firms and others. We understand the needs of small businesses and provide support and information through our pioneer team.

Online advertising :

Advertising on the internet can be an important part of your marketing strategy, helping to drive traffic to your website. Research shows that advertising online works well with other forms of advertising to help give your brand name or product a significant uplift in exposure. Unlike some traditional advertising, online advertising can deliver visitors immediately — through a simple click on your ad — and provides measurable results.


An alternative approach is to advertise directly on a search engine as part of your search marketing. We provide search technology to automatically display your ads on different websites that are likely to have the right audience. Although you have less control over exactly where your online advertising appears, this can be very effective.

Our Advertisment products includes :

CPM - Cost Per Thousand

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There are several ways to advertise on the internet. We Provide for website advertising with a price based on the number of times the ad is displayed. So the more viewers see your ad (or at least the page on which your ad is shown) the more you pay. This simple form of payment might suit you if the aim of your internet advertising is to build brand exposure. It's often referred to as CPM - cost per thousand (with M being the roman numeral for 1,000).

PPC - Pay Per Click

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Other alternatives take advantage of the interactive nature of the internet. If you advertise online with the aim of increasing website traffic, then pay per click advertising (PPC) is ideal. You only pay for the viewers who actually click on the ad and come to your site.

CPA - Cost Per Action

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We also provide advertising on the internet is charged for on a cost per action (CPA) basis. For example, you might be able to negotiate an agreement where you only pay for the number of viewers who actually buy your product as the result of an ad. This kind of payment scheme is a part of an affiliate marketing relationship.